Property Investment Strategy

stress-free property investment

You’ll benefit from Rocket’s investment philosophy as much as the team and all our investors have. Based on Ian Hosking Richards’ real-life success story of building an over $17 million property portfolio for more than 15 years, Ian has always believed that investing in property should be easy, low-risk and stress-fee. Keeping things as hands-off as possible means you can “set and forget”. That is set your strategy and then put it out of your mind to focus on the things that count in life.

To follow our philosophy, Rocket will take the time to understand your goals and financial circumstance, ensure you have enough information and education to make a good investment decision, and then give you ongoing support along the way. As you build your profile, we’ll guide you to keep on track to achieving your goals.


7 steps to property success

How to invest in property

It doesn't matter where you on your property journey, we can help. Our expert property advisors will help you climb to Property Success, no matter which step you're currently. If you've accelerated past the education phase and are ready to invest or need help with your current portfolio, contact us today.


Learn more about Rocket's Property Investment Strategy, download the first four chapters of Ian's eBook '90 Minutes to Property Success' today for free.


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The Rocket strategy will help you achieve your financial goals through property with a strategy that is low-risk, easy to understand and virtually stress-free.